Copper Kitchen Inspirations

I am IN LOVE with this trending copper kitchen idea. I think its super classy, super versatile and can be used in all kitchens, not just the modern ones. Below are my favorite kitchens. They are GORGEOUS!! Hope you get inspired!


Now what would a copper kitchen be without copper accessories! Here are my favorite copper kitchen picks:

Here are some adorable buyable options

Click here
Click here
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Can’t wait to hear your thoughts below in comments

See you soon, TMK

Top Trending Ebooks on Amazon

Ebooks are a great way to read books. I love curling up on the couch with a good cup of tea and an awesome book. These are the top trending best selling ebooks of 2019:

Lying next to me by Gregg Olsen is the #1 best selling Ebook right now. I won’t give any spoilers but its an awesome thriller! You can check it out here
Here to stay came in third as the #1 crime mystery. Check it out here
The Secrets of Lost Stones is #1 on the Women’s Literature list. You can find it here
Match Making for Beginners took 7th rank for being number 1 in Contemporary Women’s Fiction.
`Hell’s Princess which is number 9 on my list of top best selling ebooks is #1 in Biographies.

When we believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal is the #1 best selling ebook in Mystery Romance. See for yourself why it made the list
I Know Everything came in fourth as the #1 serial killer thriller. You can find it here
The Rabbit Girls by Anna Ellory comes in 6th with being #1 in Military Historical Fiction. Check it out here
Call her mine ranked 8th with being #1 in Contemporary Romance. With a cover like that I totally get it
All the lovely pieces is our 10th ebook and is #1 in Domestic Thrillers.

Let me know which of my top 10 trending ebooks you liked if you have read them.

See you soon, TMK

My Dockatot Review-the Best Baby Product Ever of 2019

If you have children, you KNOW how important sleep is. If you are expecting, you will find out shortly….

My coworkers bought me a dockatot for my baby shower. When I first heard of it, I had no idea what it was. I researched a bit. After hearing rave reviews from my coworkers and others, I was still a bit skeptical. My other 2 children went straight into cribs when they got home from the hospital. They didn’t sleep well at all! I do not work well on little sleep. I wanted something closer to my bedside for this baby. I was looking at Halo bassinets. The reviews weren’t that great so I tried the Dockatot gift we got and woah!

My son slept!!! It’s like a little cocoon that snuggles the baby. It makes them feel secure and hugged all while mama can get some much needed sleep!! I remember sleepless nights with my other 2 when they refused to go down at night. It can be frustrating and exhausting.

With the dockatot, you can put it on your bed and baby can sleep next to you in a secure little cot so you won’t roll over onto them. You can also put the dockatot in a bassinet or crib so you can put baby in a safe spot when you aren’t near them or for when baby becomes mobile. Studies have shown that babies are better developed when they are near mom especially in the beginning. Read up on the 4th trimester if you are interested in learning more.

The dockatot comes in 2 sizes- dDluxe+ for babies 0-8months and Grand 9months-36 months.  My son has transitioned nicely to the grand and it’s great because he can still feel snug with a bigger dockatot.

The dockatot covers are gorgeous!! The patterns are super cute and easy to wash. They feel comfy too. These are my favorite grand prints:

They even have toy arches and toy sets you can add to your dockatot! This makes playtime turn into naptime. My sweet little Reu loves his dockatot!

Dockatot with toy arch and hanging toys

They have transport bags if you decide to travel with your dockatot! You can take yours to a hotel, I have and it made sleeping away from home easy and peaceful. The travel bags come in both deluxe and grand sizes.

Travel Bags

Dockatot also makes these cute little “cabana” covers you can use at the beach or park for the deluxe dockatot.

Cabana Kits

They literally have everything and their customer service is incredible!!

Now that you’ve read my review, see what you think of Dockatot. Your sanity will thank you.

See you soon, TMK


Are you looking for backpacks for your kids? If they are ANYTHING like mine, they are super duper picky. My son is still trying to come up with an idea of which pencil case to choose for school…and its only 2 weeks away….

I am already counting down. Aren’t you?

Here are some cool styles I found for the picky kid in your family. Of course I asked my kids before posting and they both gave a thumbs up to all! I know, a miracle!!

For the Super Hero obsessed:

Spiderman Backpack

Superman Backpack
Captain America Backpack
Batman Backpack
Iron Man Backpack

For the Gaming Enthusiasts:

Minecraft Backpack
Game Over Backpack
Mario Brothers

For the Sequin Lovers

Siwa Mary
Madison and Dakota
Sequin Heart
Rainbow Sequin

Unicorn Styles

Unicorn 3 piece set
Believe in Magic
Unicorn knapsack and lunch bag

These are just some of the HOTTEST backpacks this year for 2019. Let us know which one your kids will be getting and if you liked my kids’ suggestions

See you soon, TMK







Miscarriage- End the Stigma


1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage in their lifetime. On Feb 19 2018 I became part of the statistic. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about that sweet angel. What made it more traumatic was that I ended up in the hospital with sepsis fighting for my life.

Thank gd a million times I recovered and the next month, I was blessed with getting pregnant with my sweet rainbow baby Reu. He brings light to our life everyday -his middle name means gift from gd!

Let’s not continue to make these terrible tragedies secret and start talking about them. If you are going through it, you are not alone, feel free to email me. I am always here for you ❤️ I know I needed the support during my tough time.

Take the time to mourn the loss. You are so strong mama and you will get through it. ❤️
Virtual hugs! 

BoxyCharm Review July 2019

Boxy Charm Box July 2019

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If you are like me and are very much into makeup and skincare (and are trying to save money), Boxy Charm may be the right subscription box for you. I have signed up for Sephora Play and Ipsy in the past but the products you get with them are too small for the price.

Boxy charm offers 5 products monthly for 20 dollars which is the price of 1 product elsewhere. You can choose whether you want makeup and/or skincare (I just both). If that is not a good deal, I don’t know what is. They have an online survey that helps them determine which products to send you.

Lets discuss the box:

The box came super fast!! Better shipping than Ipsy and Sephora play put together! It is a great way to do business. The packaging is nice too-I even got a coupon for a facial at Ulta! With the Boxy Charm membership you can write reviews and refer friends to get more charms. Charms= rewards so you basically get more free stuff!

Check out Boxy Charm here and see my reviews below

This is what I got this month, my first month with Boxy Charm and what I thought of my choice of products:

Let’s discuss the products:

I liked the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask a lot! It is a green treatment mask that goes on smooth and brightens your skin. I loved the texture of it and the green color was pretty cool -definitely scared my 6 year old! I would recommend it as a good face mask and it is good for all skin types.

The Cleansing Spa water makeup remover wipes are really great! It is a nice travel size package to put in your overnight bag, diaper bag or even for every day bag if you will be out and about for a while. They remove waterproof makeup without irritating the skin which is a plus in my book. If it was not included in my Boxy charm, I probably would never have purchased them. They are not something I loved and I am sure you can find cheaper makeup wipes (think Neutrogena and Clean and Clear).

I LOVE these brushes. First, who can ever have enough makeup brushes?? Second, they are soooo pretty! Third, they are super soft!! I call these my magical brushes because they blend like a beast! I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I may or may not have bought a backup set to put in my everyday purse…

As a huge liquid lipstick fan, I loved this product! It went on smooth and lasted all day. The color is great for a nice neutral lip. Perfect for the rest of the summer and fall with a nice smokey eye. Best part is it is cruelty free and free of parabens and harmful chemicals which is always something I look for in a product.

I am OBSESSED with this palette!!! It is GORGEOUS!! I love every single color and they look even better on your eyelids! This palette was worth the 20 dollar box fee!

So there you have it. I loved this month’s box so much. I am actually super excited to see what August’s box will look like. Subscribe to my page so you don’t miss the August box review! If you liked any of the products RUN to the Boxy charm website ASAP and sign up

Let me know what you think of my box and of the Boxy Charm Subscription Service

See you soon, TMK

Teething has turned my littest into a MONSTER-send wine!

My angel is a screaming, crying little ball of snot-runny nose, slight fever, clingy mess. Here are some teethers with great reviews if you ever have to deal with a teething child

1. Fisher Price Coffee Teether

This teether is not only adorable but has great reviews! Let your little one chew on this all day while you drink your cup of coffee.

2. Malarkey KidsMunch Mitt Teether with Wash/travel bag

3. RaZ-Berry Teether

The Ra-Z- Berry teether is great because your baby can use it as a pacifier. They can also hold it by themselves or you could attach it to them using a pacifier holder (great hack!!)

4. Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

The banana toothbrush doubles as a teether. It is great because it is a 2 in 1 product which for me is an instant win! You can use it for teething and then brush your baby’s teeth with it. Based on reviews, babies seem to love it! The design also makes it easy for baby to hold.

5. Mam’s Cooling Relief Teether

Mam’s cooling relief teether is my personal favorite. I found it four years ago with my daughter and I have used it on my baby boy as well. It has the clip to clip on to baby’s clothes so it doesn’t get lost. My trick is that I put it in the freezer so it is cold when it goes on baby’s gums and relieves the pain that way. It is cheap in regards to other teething toys and therefore its a good idea to put one in the freezer as a backup.

These teethers are my top picks based on my personal experience and other reviews.

Hoping this helps all moms out there survive teething struggles, TMK

What are your favorite teething toys for babies?

Just be yourself

Let me give you some background to this blog. I started this blog in July 2019 to empower women to be themselves and stand up for their rights. As women (and mothers) we face several obstacles daily which get in our way of being ourselves. Whether it’s mom shaming, racism, anti feminism or anything in between, it is our right and responsibility to defend ourselves without losing our identity.

Here are 10 inspirational quotes that I created to help others be themselves and move forward from hate and shame. Feel free to share them amongst your friends, family and anyone who could seriously just need some support!

Be the reason someone laughs today. Be the reason someone leaves their bed. Express yourself in ways you didn’t know possible. Help others. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be compassionate.

Here is a virtual hug for anyone who needs it! See you soon, TMK ❤️

Long Lasting Lipstick- Say that 5 times fast

The search for the perfect lipstick is on! This seems to be the topic of the century. We all have our own criteria but here is mine:

  1. My liquid lipstick must stay on all day…or even most of the day
  2. It should not come off on my teethyuck!
  3. Coffee cup stains are my biggest pet peeve -NO STAINS
  4. It should not dry out my lips-the weather does enough damage, I want to still have lips after applying said lip product
You get the point…

So here is my list of Long Lasting Lipsticks that do not come off three minutes after application and do not come off on coffee cups, children’s faces or your fingers when you touch your lips and then touch your forehead (yes that has happened to me more than once)

Number 1 -Maybelline Super Matte Ink Lip color

I have this liquid lippie in a few different colors. They have a lot of different shades which is another issue in the long lasting lipstick department. This lasts through lunch and for most of the day. It is a good option if you want long lasting and not drying. You can find it here

#2- Wet and Wild Catsuit

Wet and Wild liquid Catsuit is a great liquid lip if you are running out the door and want to wear something for the errand or two you are running. It won’t last all day. It might make it through lunch but no promises. It comes in a couple of shades, nothing crazy though. By now, you know I wear the crazy colors no one wears. It stays on your lips, not your hands and does not dry out your lips. You can try it for yourself here

Numbero 3-Rimmel Provocolips

I love the design of this product and the name is really cute too. It is a great liquid lipstick IF applied correctly. The first few times I tried it, it smudged on my coffee cup and I was not thrilled. The reviews are great on it so I kept trying. Tip-you have to let the color part completely dry before adding the gloss. This is not ideal for anyone flying out the house in the mornings (ahem me-hot mess party of one??) It is long lasting and when applied correctly it does not smudge on anything. It can be purchased here

4-Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

This is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. It goes on smooth -true to it’s name. It comes in a bunch of colors -any color you want basically. It lasts the whole day and looks great. it is moisturizing and does not dry out your lips. I have nothing bad to say about it besides its a tad pricey. You can check it out here

Last but not leastToo faced melted matte lipstick (5)

Too faced Melted Matte lipsticks are great. They stay put and don’t smudge. They like number 4 are a bit pricey but if you are willing to invest the money, it is a great product. The names are cute. You can purchase it here

Here is a picture of me wearing Too faced melted matte Suck it

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There you have it, the liquid lipstick list that last lifetimes – exercise for your tongues, english teachers/majors.

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