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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving is a very festive time of year. I love decorating my table in general when I have guests over but especially for Thanksgiving. This week, I spent some time searching through various thanksgiving table decor and would love to share with you my finds. The best part is they are super affordable and can all be shipped in time to eat turkey. Stay tuned for my Black Friday shopping guide.

Give Thanks Cutlery Holders

Give thanks cutlery holders

These were so adorable, I had to mention them first. Last year I had turkey cutlery holders that were a huge hit. I am trying these out for a more sophisticated look this year. You can find them here

Festive Table Runner

Festive Table Runner

The best part about this table runner (aside from free shipping and that it is super cute) is the low cost! I almost could not believe how cheap it was when I found it. There were a few other styles but I liked this one the most. You can find it here

Thanksgiving Signs

Give thanks sign
Happy Fall

Thanksgiving signs definitely add to the decor of the day/night (whichever you plan on doing). Click on the links above to purchase.

Turkey Tea Light Holders

Turkey Tea Light Holders

Oh my Flock, these are adorable! They will make any table super festive! You can find them here


Plate set

I don’t know about you, but after all of that yummy food, the LAST thing I want to worry about is cleaning dishes. I found these gorgeous plate set here. I normally would maybe be a bit more festive/less elegant but with the table runner above, it will be a good balance. I think it will also bring out the gold in the thankful napkin holders I selected above as well.


Gold Cutlery

To further enhance my gold theme, I chose these Tepco Gold knives, spoons and forks set. The price is great and they have great reviews. You can find them here and/or look for something that will go with your thanksgiving theme.

Turkey Table Decor

Tom the Turkey

I love putting one turkey on the table for the kids. My kids love seeing what I will put on the table this year. You can find Tom the Turkey here

I hope this guide was helpful to you. I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. You can find some other good ideas and other deals listed here . I add new deals daily so you definitely want to check them out. Stay tuned for my Black Friday Gift Guide.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, TMK

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