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My Dockatot Review-the Best Baby Product Ever of 2019

If you have children, you KNOW how important sleep is. If you are expecting, you will find out shortly….

My coworkers bought me a dockatot for my baby shower. When I first heard of it, I had no idea what it was. I researched a bit. After hearing rave reviews from my coworkers and others, I was still a bit skeptical. My other 2 children went straight into cribs when they got home from the hospital. They didn’t sleep well at all! I do not work well on little sleep. I wanted something closer to my bedside for this baby. I was looking at Halo bassinets. The reviews weren’t that great so I tried the Dockatot gift we got and woah!

My son slept!!! It’s like a little cocoon that snuggles the baby. It makes them feel secure and hugged all while mama can get some much needed sleep!! I remember sleepless nights with my other 2 when they refused to go down at night. It can be frustrating and exhausting.

With the dockatot, you can put it on your bed and baby can sleep next to you in a secure little cot so you won’t roll over onto them. You can also put the dockatot in a bassinet or crib so you can put baby in a safe spot when you aren’t near them or for when baby becomes mobile. Studies have shown that babies are better developed when they are near mom especially in the beginning. Read up on the 4th trimester if you are interested in learning more.

The dockatot comes in 2 sizes- dDluxe+ for babies 0-8months and Grand 9months-36 months.  My son has transitioned nicely to the grand and it’s great because he can still feel snug with a bigger dockatot.

The dockatot covers are gorgeous!! The patterns are super cute and easy to wash. They feel comfy too. These are my favorite grand prints:

They even have toy arches and toy sets you can add to your dockatot! This makes playtime turn into naptime. My sweet little Reu loves his dockatot!

Dockatot with toy arch and hanging toys

They have transport bags if you decide to travel with your dockatot! You can take yours to a hotel, I have and it made sleeping away from home easy and peaceful. The travel bags come in both deluxe and grand sizes.

Travel Bags

Dockatot also makes these cute little “cabana” covers you can use at the beach or park for the deluxe dockatot.

Cabana Kits

They literally have everything and their customer service is incredible!!

Now that you’ve read my review, see what you think of Dockatot. Your sanity will thank you.

See you soon, TMK

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