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Are you looking for backpacks for your kids? If they are ANYTHING like mine, they are super duper picky. My son is still trying to come up with an idea of which pencil case to choose for school…and its only 2 weeks away….

I am already counting down. Aren’t you?

Here are some cool styles I found for the picky kid in your family. Of course I asked my kids before posting and they both gave a thumbs up to all! I know, a miracle!!

For the Super Hero obsessed:

Spiderman Backpack

Superman Backpack
Captain America Backpack
Batman Backpack
Iron Man Backpack

For the Gaming Enthusiasts:

Minecraft Backpack
Game Over Backpack
Mario Brothers

For the Sequin Lovers

Siwa Mary
Madison and Dakota
Sequin Heart
Rainbow Sequin

Unicorn Styles

Unicorn 3 piece set
Believe in Magic
Unicorn knapsack and lunch bag

These are just some of the HOTTEST backpacks this year for 2019. Let us know which one your kids will be getting and if you liked my kids’ suggestions

See you soon, TMK

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