BoxyCharm Review July 2019

Boxy Charm Box July 2019

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If you are like me and are very much into makeup and skincare (and are trying to save money), Boxy Charm may be the right subscription box for you. I have signed up for Sephora Play and Ipsy in the past but the products you get with them are too small for the price.

Boxy charm offers 5 products monthly for 20 dollars which is the price of 1 product elsewhere. You can choose whether you want makeup and/or skincare (I just both). If that is not a good deal, I don’t know what is. They have an online survey that helps them determine which products to send you.

Lets discuss the box:

The box came super fast!! Better shipping than Ipsy and Sephora play put together! It is a great way to do business. The packaging is nice too-I even got a coupon for a facial at Ulta! With the Boxy Charm membership you can write reviews and refer friends to get more charms. Charms= rewards so you basically get more free stuff!

Check out Boxy Charm here and see my reviews below

This is what I got this month, my first month with Boxy Charm and what I thought of my choice of products:

Let’s discuss the products:

I liked the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask a lot! It is a green treatment mask that goes on smooth and brightens your skin. I loved the texture of it and the green color was pretty cool -definitely scared my 6 year old! I would recommend it as a good face mask and it is good for all skin types.

The Cleansing Spa water makeup remover wipes are really great! It is a nice travel size package to put in your overnight bag, diaper bag or even for every day bag if you will be out and about for a while. They remove waterproof makeup without irritating the skin which is a plus in my book. If it was not included in my Boxy charm, I probably would never have purchased them. They are not something I loved and I am sure you can find cheaper makeup wipes (think Neutrogena and Clean and Clear).

I LOVE these brushes. First, who can ever have enough makeup brushes?? Second, they are soooo pretty! Third, they are super soft!! I call these my magical brushes because they blend like a beast! I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I may or may not have bought a backup set to put in my everyday purse…

As a huge liquid lipstick fan, I loved this product! It went on smooth and lasted all day. The color is great for a nice neutral lip. Perfect for the rest of the summer and fall with a nice smokey eye. Best part is it is cruelty free and free of parabens and harmful chemicals which is always something I look for in a product.

I am OBSESSED with this palette!!! It is GORGEOUS!! I love every single color and they look even better on your eyelids! This palette was worth the 20 dollar box fee!

So there you have it. I loved this month’s box so much. I am actually super excited to see what August’s box will look like. Subscribe to my page so you don’t miss the August box review! If you liked any of the products RUN to the Boxy charm website ASAP and sign up

Let me know what you think of my box and of the Boxy Charm Subscription Service

See you soon, TMK

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