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Teething has turned my littest into a MONSTER-send wine!

My angel is a screaming, crying little ball of snot-runny nose, slight fever, clingy mess. Here are some teethers with great reviews if you ever have to deal with a teething child

1. Fisher Price Coffee Teether

This teether is not only adorable but has great reviews! Let your little one chew on this all day while you drink your cup of coffee.

2. Malarkey KidsMunch Mitt Teether with Wash/travel bag

3. RaZ-Berry Teether

The Ra-Z- Berry teether is great because your baby can use it as a pacifier. They can also hold it by themselves or you could attach it to them using a pacifier holder (great hack!!)

4. Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

The banana toothbrush doubles as a teether. It is great because it is a 2 in 1 product which for me is an instant win! You can use it for teething and then brush your baby’s teeth with it. Based on reviews, babies seem to love it! The design also makes it easy for baby to hold.

5. Mam’s Cooling Relief Teether

Mam’s cooling relief teether is my personal favorite. I found it four years ago with my daughter and I have used it on my baby boy as well. It has the clip to clip on to baby’s clothes so it doesn’t get lost. My trick is that I put it in the freezer so it is cold when it goes on baby’s gums and relieves the pain that way. It is cheap in regards to other teething toys and therefore its a good idea to put one in the freezer as a backup.

These teethers are my top picks based on my personal experience and other reviews.

Hoping this helps all moms out there survive teething struggles, TMK

What are your favorite teething toys for babies?

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  1. Chaya says:

    Omg that coffee mug one! So cute

    1. tamik says:

      Right? I think my baby may need that one too!!

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