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Home Decor finds for under 50 dollars

You read that right. 50 bucks. This is two of my favorite things in the whole wide world!

1-saving money (who doesn’t love getting stuff for cheap??) and 2. home decor. Whether you live in a mansion or an RV, you can appreciate some cute home decor to spice up your life and home. And if not, just continue reading…trust me you won’t regret it!

Artificial succulent https://goto.target.com/ryG93

Here is the first on my list. You are probably thinking what the heck is that thing? Well if you do not have a green thumb like me, this is a great alternative to live plants. Target has a great selection of these and other fake plants and flowers for great prices. You can find this one herehttps://goto.target.com/ryG93

Vase Fillershttp://goto.target.com/QXJZo

Vase fillers are awesome because they are colorful and they can match the rest of your room which ties in color themes you may be working on. They also can go in different kinds of vases depending on your taste and current room decor. Most are scentless so you may want to add a bit of porporri to it if that is something you are looking for. I am loving these because they are neutral colored and are a good price. Plus I love rose gold. Here is the link http://goto.target.com/QXJZo

Floor Lampshttps://goto.target.com/9ZAv5

These are one of my favorite floor lamps. The arms on the bulbs can move to amplify the light in your room. I own 2 of these and love them. This is a target staple and a great purchase. It is 20 dollars and on sale currently with code COLLEGE. You can find it here https://goto.target.com/9ZAv5

Milk crate storage with gold handles https://goto.target.com/g7DvA

These milk crates are adorable and stylish. I have one in my laundry room with detergent, stain treater and bounce sheets. I love it because its not only useful, it is pretty and stylish too. If you are not a basket fan at all (like me!!!) this is a great alternative. Here is the link https://goto.target.com/g7DvA

Bath Baskethttps://goto.target.com/bKGWv

Okay this is for all of you basket freaks out there…I am only kidding, this one is not too bad. It would look cute in a bathroom with bath towels. To order these beauties click here https://goto.target.com/bKGWv

Picture Framehttps://goto.target.com/YY1rP

These picture frames would look ADORABLE on a dresser or mantle. A cute family photo you have lying around that you haven’t gotten around to putting in a frame would look great in it. I am totally talking to myself with that! A great landscape photo would also look great and brighten up the decor of the room. You can find it here -get it before it is sold out as it is adorable! https://goto.target.com/YY1rP

Throw blankets!https://goto.target.com/PgK2e

Who else loves throw blankets?? I LOVE them! The fluffier, the better is my motto when it comes to blankets for the living room and play room/den. You may want to get 2 of these if you have any fluffy blanket hogs in your family. If it is you, don’t worry we understand! These look incredibly cozy-I might just buy one in every color! https://goto.target.com/PgK2e

Storage ottoman https://goto.target.com/qvEDn

These storage ottomans are awesome because you can put the fluffy throw blankets in them and your room will be super neat and chic! https://goto.target.com/qvEDn

Okay ladies and gents (if I haven’t lost all the men with the home decor talk-my husband RUNS from home decor sections-so if you are a man and still reading -you are a TROOPER!!) there you have it. My list of cute home decor under 50 bucks. Right now, Target is having a HUGE sale on home stuff with code COLLEGE so do not forget to put in that promo code at checkout. Also free shipping on orders of 35 dollars and extra 5 percent off for red card users! Let me know in comments what you thought of my home decor selections

See you later, TMK

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  1. Chaya Richman says:

    I love this! Especially the link to the lamp! I am excited to try out these ideas

    1. tamik says:

      Awesome! Its a really great lamp. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chaya says:

    I am totally with you on the throw blankets, you can’t have too many

    1. tamik says:


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